Gildas - Kitsuné Club Night Mix

Boasting a selection of renowned artists & collaborations (Is Tropical, Jupiter, Two Door Cinema Club, Peter & The Magician to name a few), Kitsuné Maison wishes to make further use of their excellent taste and treat us all to a series of club nights + a mix by Gildas; Among the artists featured are Jensen Sportag and Moonlight Matters and their remixes of recent Kitsuné releases that are sure to help pump your enthusiasm for the moment the French cultural force stops by your town (on that note, to those attending: enjoy the healthy dose of mad jealous vibes I’m sending your way, folks. <3):

Kitsuné Club Night around the world:
17/06/2011 - XOYO – London – IS TROPICAL Release Party
18/06/2011 - D. Club, Lausanne, w/ Logo, Beataucue and Gildas
24/06/2011 - Womb - Tokyo- w/ Gildas and more tbc
25/06/2011 - Creative Center -Osaka- w/ Gildas 80KIDZ and Taku Takahshi 26/06/2011 - Mago - Nagoya - w/ Gildas
30/06/2011 - Social Club – Paris – Gildas, The Magician, Beataucue and more
16/07/2011 - Festival Les vieilles charrues – Carhaix – France – w/ Gildas, Two Door Cinema Club
27/07/2011 - Blowfish - Jakarta - with Gildas
29/07/2011 - Zouk - Singapore - with Gildas, Moonlight Matters & Punks Jump Up
30/07/2011 - Volar - Hong Kong - with Gildas, Moonlight Matters
18/08/2011 - For Noise festival, DeMovie - Pully-Lausanne - with Logo (Live), Jerry Bouthier

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